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Den 17 maj 2022 i Kungsträdgården, Stockholm


Jobbfestivalen in Kungsträdgården is perfect for those who want to find new opportunities in your career

Jobbfestivalen i Kungsträdgården är en mötesplats för arbetssökande och företag med ett kontinuerligt rekryteringsbehov samt företag och organisationer som erbjuder verktyg/tjänster i syfte att öka mångfalden och minska risken för diskriminering. Mässan är den 17 maj i Kungsträdgården, men jobbfestivalen är även en onlinemässa som fortsätter leva vidare på nätet. Syftet är dels att knyta intressanta affärskontakter, men framförallt att förmedla jobb, praktikplatser och yrkesinriktade utbildningar. Ambitionen är att bidra till mer mångfald på arbetsmarknaden och skapa fler dynamiska arbetsplatser.
Everyone is welcome!

The Job Festival in Kungsträdgården is Sweden's largest job fair with a focus on diversity. It is also a new job matching initiative with the goal of creating concrete relationships between companies and people who for various reasons have poorer conditions to establish themselves in the labor market.

In Sweden, about 330,000 people, or about 7% of the working population, are unemployed. Some groups in society find it much more difficult to find employment than others and the unemployment rate is higher among, for example, low-skilled young people, foreign-born, people with disabilities and people over 55 years. In these groups there is a lot of skills, experience and will that is lost to companies and organizations. The threshold to the Swedish labor market is far too high for these groups and the Job Festival is an easily accessible forum where job seekers in these groups can meet companies that have employment opportunities to offer.

During the job fair, companies with a need for recruitment within the priority target groups have the opportunity to exhibit and meet interesting candidates with varying backgrounds and situations. The job festival opens from the big stage with a solid speaker program.

The Job Festival wants to contribute to increased knowledge and understanding of vulnerable groups' difficulties in the labor market and what can be done to lower the barriers, but also highlight successful initiatives and individual success examples that can provide inspiration for both companies and individuals. Changing the attitudes of society is crucial to creating a better functioning labor market for vulnerable groups who are currently suffering from exclusion, mental ill health and other problems.

Den 17 maj kl 09.00 - 19.00

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