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Josefin Malmer, Consultant / Partner HOME of Recruitment and author of the Recruitment Book for managers

Josefin's goal is to contribute to an equal and fair labor market, with a focus on diversity in all forms. Identifying potential, looking beyond the obvious and challenging - or rather changing - outdated, strenuous approaches are among the best I know. Josefin is driven by justice, is extremely interested in human behavior, and goes on meetings, relationships and business.

Alireza is the "beard child" who came to Sweden as a sixteen-year-old lone refugee, but who quickly established herself and became a successful entrepreneur. After only ten months, he had been able to start both an association and a company, and stood in the Riksdag and educated our politicians on integration issues. 

Alireza leaves no untouched. With his relaxed style, he makes the whole room both laugh and cry - sometimes at the same time.

As a unified refugee and successful entrepreneur, Alireza has not only made the journey from Afghanistan but also it into Swedish society. He knows how a person who has come here and is going to establish himself needs to go about it. He also knows what Swedish society and the already integrated need to do to simplify the journey for the newly arrived.

Alireza managed to get on his feet almost without any help from the state. Now he wants to help those who come after him. He wants others to get the knowledge that he himself has gained as a refugee. On the one hand he wants to talk about his travels, but he also wants to see a change in how we work with integration. Alireza's solution is spelled Alligration.

With Björn Elowson, CEO and founder of the HR-Techfirm JobAgent

How come it is so hard to tire of Netflix? Why are there so many clips on cats and dogs on Youtube? What is the difference between people listening to Bon Jovi versus U2? In 30 minutes we will talk about how algorithms affect us in almost all contexts but also how they can help to recruit fairly. 

Björn is a legitimate psychologist and has a background in selection and assessment. He has worked with clients around the world with everything from other personal assessments of CEOs in Sweden to assessment centers in China, to developing automated career guidance in London.

With Kajsa Asplund Customer Success Lead at Alva Labs, psychologist and PhD in Business Administration.

Her research at Stockholm School of Economics focuses on the effects of talent management on employee motivation, self-image and loyalty.

Kajsa has also written the book Talang för människor

Med Charlotte Welin Zetterlund, HR-chef, MAX Burger

Arbetsplatser kan vara viktiga integrationsmotorer. Det vet inte minst restaurangkedjan MAX.

Nar Charlotte Welin Zetterlund, MAX HR-chef, hörde en av sina medarbetare berätta om att på MAX kunde han spraket, men utanför jobbet var det fortfarande svart med svenskan, sa föddes iden om ”MAX-svenska” och spraket som en väg till jobb och integration i det svenska samhället.

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