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Nyligen kom Mustafa Panshiris bok ”Sju råd till Mustafa. Så blir du lagom svensk i världens mest extrema land”. Många av råden är vettiga, men de kan behöva breddas. Qaisar Mahmood har därför skrivit ”Sju råd till Ove. Så anpassar du dig till mångfaldens Sverige”. Read the full article here.

Finding skills where you least expect it is perhaps the coolest thing that happens when you recruit fully skills-based. A candidate without a "correct" resume that turns out to be a real gem. Not only is it fun to have diversity in the workplace, it is actually also really profitable. Read the full article here.

The city's daily business doesn't suit him, so his mom opened a bar for him to work. Now she has started a job placement for people with disabilities. Read the full article here.

They both cook and serve. The restaurant serves simpler dishes and uses smart aids to accept orders. Read the full article here.

He had social assistance, was bullied and could neither read nor write. Since then, Shoresh Hussein has made an incredible career journey. Read more about his journey here.

He came to Sweden as a sixteen-year-old lone refugee, but quickly became a successful entrepreneur. Read more about Alireza here.

By lunching together, the women of the Unifemmes association want to create meetings between different nationalities in Täby. Through friendship comes other opportunities. Read more.
The vision is that Stockholm will become an attractive and inclusive region that utilizes academic competence regardless of skin color. If we succeed, the labor market will open to more groups outside the norm. Read more.

The idea is to create a collaboration between business and the public sector and contribute to social sustainability and that more people feel included in society. The project has a number of advantages that give the employment services new opportunities to get people to work, it gives the stores access to future good workforce and Frölunda Torg becomes an even better meeting place that is for everyone. See a movie here.

Totalskidskolan är en icke vinstdrivande ideell förening och som grundades år 1987 i Rödkullen. Den är Europas största skidskola för åkare med funktionsnedsättning. Read more.

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