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Our vision is for more fair and accurate recruitment. For anyone looking for a job, for anyone who is recruiting and for society at large. Proper recruitment results in more profitable companies, reduces discrimination and increases diversity in the labor market. In addition, good recruitment processes contribute to positive candidate experiences and give many more people the chance to be "the right person in the right place".

MAX är ett svenskt familjeägt företag som grundades 1968 i Gällivare av Curt Bergfors och Britta Fredriksson. Som familjeföretag har vi målet att finnas kvar i många generationer. Vi vill vara ett hållbart företag i ett hållbart samhälle och ett föredöme i branschen. Förutom vårt omfattande miljöarbete vill vi ta ett socialt ansvar där vi ser individens möjligheter.

7 out of 10 jobs are conveyed through contacts. In other words, the networks we have are directly crucial to professional life. As a foreign-born, you often lack both a social and professional network. Yrkesdörren creates meetings between established Swedes and foreign-born within the same industry to build networks. Yrkesdörren is partly to facilitate foreign-born to build a professional network in Sweden, but also to facilitate for established Swedes to take advantage of the skills that foreign-born people possess when a third are overqualified for the work they have today.

Yrkesdörren is part of ÖppnaDörren, an initiative of Axfoundation which is a non-profit and independent business founded by Antonia Ax: son Johnson. Axfoundation's goal is to create the conditions for change to a more sustainable society.

The Arriva Group is one of the largest providers of passenger transport in Europe, with over 53,000 employees and delivers 2 billion trips per year across 14 European countries.

In Sweden, we help about 170 million travelers each year to reach their destinations. With around 3,400 employees, 800 buses, 140 trains and 50 trams, we create modern transport solutions where safety always comes first. As a traveler at Arriva, you should experience that we do everything to make your trip feel safe and have high quality service. Year round - round the clock - back and forth.

We are part of Deutsche Bahn (DB), one of the world's leading passenger and logistics companies, and are responsible for DB's regional passenger transport operations outside Germany.

In addition to Sweden, Arriva has operations in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Hope you want to join us on our trip.

Aon's solutions for assessing talent takes the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level. Our solutions are brand-building, innovative, engaging and using the best in AI and psychometric research.

För att öka rörligheten på arbetsmarknaden vänder JobAgent på matchningsprocessen och låter företag ansöka till kandidater på deras villkor där kandidaten i sig är den som bestämmer vem som får tillgång till datan.

Karrärkonsulten is active in the future's inclusive way of recruiting, and also free of charge!

iApply brings together the right people with companies to establish innovative thinking and driven candidates into the job market. We at iApply have worked with job advertising since 2016 on various social media and such as Facebook and Linkedin. iApply has its roots from the facebook group "jobs in the Stockholm area" which is a channel of over 10,000 people looking for jobs or for companies looking for new employees. The goal of iApply is to become the obvious choice for companies as well as candidates applying for a job / employment. The purpose of our mobile application is to make the job search more efficient and to make everyday life easier for companies to find their next star player!🚀

Our vision is to simplify the job search!

People are an organization's most important resource. At Cubiks, we strive to optimize human capital to support both individuals and companies in their development. This is what we care about, focus on and what we are passionate about.

With our scientific approach, our flexible technological solutions, proven experience and dedicated teams around the world help you find the best candidate, better understand your personnel, develop effective teams, predict performance and deliver outstanding results.

We find that there are many companies that skip tests when they are recruiting or developing their staff because it is considered both expensive and time consuming. We want more companies to be able to use more tests for more positions and earlier in the process. We also have the opportunity to technically adapt our offer to what our customers want.

We make Sweden richer by growing people and companies. A job lays the foundation for human independence, independence and freedom. A job provides the power and conditions for creation and growth. Companies and organizations with the right skills can act on better terms. It lays the foundation for growth and welfare. When people and companies meet, development and innovation occur. In this way people, companies and society grow. Together we create a richer Sweden.

AuxiliRec matches candidates to jobs where they thrive. We place our staff in workplaces we know they will develop and learn more about the industry. For us, it is important that all parties are satisfied and feel that they are appreciated. Throughout our employment, we follow up with both companies and employees and help with different situations that may arise.

At Jobbfestivalen, we will help those who need their CVs and you will also get the chance to be photographed for a CV photo. Hope we see you there!

IRETURN är den självklara hubben för dig som upplever, eller är anhörig till någon som upplever, psykisk arbetsrelaterad ohälsa. Här kan du få stöd av någon som förstår dig och kanske till och med, en gnutta hopp. Vi gör det lite enklare för dig att hitta hjälp, styrka och ger dig ett bollplank från andra i liknande situation som du.

More exhibitors are added on an ongoing basis

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