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Why exhibit at The Job Festival?

Exhibiting at the Job Festival is a great opportunity to meet candidates and new talents with varying backgrounds. You are given a good opportunity to tell about your business and offer jobs, internships or training directly to candidates. For those of you who have platforms or services that increase diversity and reduce the risk of discrimination, the Job Festival is an excellent opportunity to present these to companies and users. In addition to the opportunity to meet interesting candidates, you also participate in important dissemination of information about diversity and your participation is part of the effort to change attitudes in the labor market and contribute to improved matching.

Den 23 maj 2022 kl 09.00 - 19.00

Price list

All prices excluding VAT


  • Monter big 5x5m 65 000 SEK
  • Monter medium 4x3m 35 000 SEK
  • Monter small 3x3m 30 000 SEK
  • Standing table in split stand 10 000 SEK


  • Hold a seminar / lecture,
    max 30 min
    15 000 SEK

The monter includes:


Frans August is our supplier of exhibition tents

All options are available to look at If you have questions or want to make an extra order, send an email to or call 08 18 53 60.

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