The theme of the festival is diversity and I have a very simple explanation for that

Who doesn't remember their first job? Or the first time you really started looking for a new direction in your career? Or why not all the times during job interviews you were asked to answer the question "Why are you looking here?". Our memories of recruiting are something that goes with us throughout our lives and our jobs are usually the place where we spend almost all of our waking time.

So can anyone answer the question: Why should recruitment be so incredibly complicated? There are good career platforms, fair tests and really good recruits. Digitization has created smart tools that are available online for both job seekers and workers. They have been created, among other things, to streamline and bring supply and demand closer together, candidates can find jobs and recruiters can find candidates.

You no longer have to search the newspaper for job ads, but a quick googling of the jobs you are interested in is enough. Recruiters can search databases and find people on both LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. Although the technology is available and even though there is good research along with a high level of knowledge, matching does not work in the labor market.
If you are looking for a job, you usually need to have lots of college credits, preferably have had the same job you are applying for and almost always even your high school diploma play a role. You have to fill in all your information time and time again as soon as you apply and who in the world came up with the incredibly bad invention ”personal letter”?

We do not have a flexible labor market even though we could have it. Unfortunately, there are only some people who can easily change jobs and only some people who are really in demand. In my opinion, workers and employers have fallen too far apart and one often makes mistakes. People are complaining about it and the effect is a labor market designed for a few, which is directly discriminatory. 

But do you know what? There are plenty of really good alternatives that work for real, which is why I have taken the initiative for the job festival – a meeting place for everyone, whether you are an employer, candidate, recruiter, a person in the middle of your career or if you are just thinking about which workspace suits you best. 

On May 25, when the cherry blossoms bloom, you are welcome to visit the Job Festival in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. You will get to meet employers, recruiters, try innovative career platforms and get inspiration on how to reach your dream job (or maybe even get a job directly). 

The theme of the festival is diversity and I have a very simple explanation for that. Diversity really means variation and in recruitment it translates into assessing what really matters and being able to take advantage of people’s differences in employment. It is also the very purpose of this meeting place, namely that potential becomes the guiding star. Whatever name you have, where you come from, or what high school you went to – it shouldn’t matter at all. 

I haven’t even finished high school myself and I have zero college credits. Instead I chose to start my first company when I was 17 years old, then I toured around as a sound engineer and tour leader for 13 years until I started recruiting in my own companies that I have since sold, I have also founded a company that develops recruitment systems – well I am the original type of what an entrepreneur is. Since then, I have worked with matching, recruiting and digitization for over 30 years. I have recruited thousands of people, met endlessly many employers, recruiters, researchers and experts. 

I know that a labor market exists for everyone, where digitalization becomes available in real time and where diversity is utilized. It is possible!

See you at Kungsträdgården!


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Mats Wernheim

Mats is a versatile entrepreneur who has worked in the staffing and recruitment industry since 1991. He is the founder of the staffing companies MAYDAY and Want / Jobagent. He is also the founder of the SaaS company ZeroLime and HR-Tech company JobAgent.

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